What Is Drill?
According to the NJROTC Drill Manual, drill is defined as:
  • a way to move units from one place to another in an orderly fashion, and 
  • a method of teaching discipline by instilling habits of precision and automatic response to orders.
The purpose of drill is:
  • to increase the confidence of cadets through the execution of commands and, later on, commanding troops, and
  • to allow the cadets a chance to handle individual drill rifles.

But what about drill is so appealing to cadets in a high school setting?

Drill is a large part of the Bowie NJROTC program. We take great pride in the training and execution of drill as a time-honored military tradition. In class, cadets learn to march in formations and to perform numerous maneuvering techniques in an orderly and timely fashion. But the basic drill taught in class gives only a glimpse of the marching talent at Bowie High School.

NJROTC has an extracurricular aspect also. This is composed of our Drill, Athletic, Academic, Orienteering, Cyber Patriots, and Color Guard Teams! Why be a part of our extracurricular program? The experience! The chance to travel around Area 5 and compete against some of the top teams surrounding or within Maryland! The opportunity to be a member of a highly competitive group of cadets who are known throughout not only our community, but also towards other schools.
Our Drill Teams compete in many competitions and have won several competitions. 
Here are detailed descriptions of Drill:
Unarmed Drill 
Unarmed Drill is the base of all marching teams. In Unarmed Drill, a team march a platoon of 12 cadets and 1 commander. This platoon marches with intensity and precision through practices as well as the competitors’ drill decks.  They march with flawless alignment and cover.
Armed Drill
Armed Drill gives cadets the chance to march with the addition of M1-Garands  Marching with rifles is more advanced marching and requires strict focus and concentration. Cadets execute precise marching movements as well as rifle motions like Right Shoulder Arms and Present Arms.
Unarmed Exhibition: 
A freestyle drill  in which cadets march complex routines choreographed by the cadet commander. The team members memorize all the movements for a 6 minute drill routine with advanced marching maneuvers, ripples, rapid hand motions, and difficult stomp sequences, all while varying the rhythm and cadence.  The team marches into shapes and formations and then come back together as standard platoon in an effort to impress the judges with their precise military execution and the routines difficulty.
Armed Exhibition:
A freestyle drill in which cadets march complex drill routines while carrying rifles. During the routine, cadets spin, flip, toss, and catch 10-pound M1-Garands. They march around the drill deck, executing precise basic rifle movements as well as creative freestyle spins and rifle stomps. The routine is designed by the commander and participating cadets. Check our Youtube Channel for examples of past Bowie NJROTC Armed Ex!
*Both exhibition teams are exciting to watch and be a part of at drill meets because it is a chance for us to see what other schools have designed, as well as show them what we have created.
Color Guard:
The role of a Color Guard team is more ceremonial than that of a drill team. One cadet carries our national colors, another carries our Navy flag, and the remaining two members carry rifles on either side of the flags. Every NJROTC unit must have a Color Guard to represent their units both in competition, and in their community. Color guard teams present the colors at many events whether it is at competitions or at a local event. Color Guard is the oldest and most traditional of all the drill teams. 


Inclement Winter Weather Plan for ROTC practices:

In the case where sub-zero temperatures is the only hazard that delays the start of school we will have practice as regularly scheduled.  This is because the cadets do not have to face the hazard of standing at a bus stop.  If school is cancelled due to the cold, practice will be cancelled as well.

When the hazard is freezing rain and/or snow, we will postpone practice until told otherwise by the Team Captain.  If there is a delay or cancellation of school there will be no practice.  This is to ensure cadets and parents are not out on the roads driving in what could be unsafe conditions.

So, if the news issues a Winter Storm Watch or Warning for either condition above please follow the guidelines as stated.  We will do our best, from school, to let the cadets know when there is practice or no practice!