Unit Chain of Command

All communication in the unit will be done via Group Me done by XO to staff. Team commanders  will keep each of their cadets updated via group messaging and email. 

Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) – Lieutenant Commander Tyrone Jones

Email: tyrone3.jones@pgcps.org

Naval Science Instructor (NSI) – Sergeant Major William Small

Email: william.small@pgcps.org

Naval Science Instructor (NSI) – Command Master Chief Daryl Green

Email: daryl.green@pgcps.org

Commanding Officer (CO) – Cadet Commander Christiana Pablo

Email: christianapablo@gmail.com

Executive Officer (XO)- Vacant

Command Master Chief (CMC) – Vacant

Operations Officer (OPS) – Cadet Lieutenant  Emani Reid

Email: emaninicole140@gmail.com

Operations Chief (OPSC) – Vacant

Admin Officer (ADM) – Cadet Lieutenant  Jonathan Simmons

Email: jass2124@gmail.com

Admin Chief (ADMC) – Vacant

Supply Officer (SUPO) – Vacant

Supply Chief (SUPPC) – Vacant

Alpha Company Commander (ACC) – Vacant

 Bravo Company Commander (BCC) – Vacant

Charlie Company Commander (CCC) – Vacant

Training Officer (TRNG) – Cadet Ensign Lainy Boawn

Email: lainyjane.boawn@gmail.com

Community Service Officer (COMS) – Vacant

Public Affairs Officer (PAO) – Vacant

Ordinance  Officer (ORD) – Vacant


Platoon Commanders

1st Platoon – Vacant

2nd Platoon- Vacant

3rd Platoon- Vacant

4th Platoon- Vacant

5th Platoon- Vacant

6th Platoon- Vacant 

7th Platoon- Vacant

8th Platoon- Vacant

9th Platoon- Vacant




Athletic Team Captain– Vacant

Academic Team Captain– Vacant

Drill Team Captain – Cadet Lieutenant Jonathan Simmons

Email: jass2124@gmail.com

Orienteering Team Captain– Vacant

Color Guard Team Captain– Cadet Lieutenant Jonathan Simmons

Email: jass2124@gmail.com

Cyber Patriots Team Captain- Vacant



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