Quarterdeck Floor Makeover!

The Quarterdeck near the ROTC Classroom has a brand new mark for the whole Unit!

Uniform for this week

The uniform that you should be wearing this Wednesday or Thursday for ROTC is:

Females still need to have their hair into a bun.                                                                              Males should shave and at least get a haircut.

“Pictures given are example of what the uniform looks like”

Unit T-shirt


Black Beltblack belt.jpg

Blue Jeans


White Ankle Socks

white ankle.jpeg

Athletic Shoes


DRILL CAMP September 22 – 24 2017


Cadets must report to SOUTHERN MARYLAND DISTRICT YOUTH CAMP located at 9201 Surrats Road, Cheltenham, MD 20623 on September 22 no earlier then 1700 (5 pm) and no later then 1930 (7:30 pm). CADETS MUST EAT PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. DINNER WILL NOT BE SERVED! The uniform of the day will be ATHLETIC GEAR ( DO NOT WEAR UNIT PT GEAR/ MAROON AND WHITE.), white ANKLE socks and athletic shoes. ALL cadets MUST report in this uniform!


The pick up time will begin at 1100 (11 am) on September 24. All cadets must depart the camp by 1200 ( 12pm).