Officer in Charge: Cadet Commander Christiana Pablo

Phone Number: 301-312-3550

Assistant: Vacant


Scheduled Meets: 

Description of the Academic Team:

The Academic Team is a close knit, intellectual group of cadets who put in time and effort to study the NJROTC curriculum in depth. They go above and beyond what a typical cadet is expected to know in terms of academics. After putting in many hours of intensive studying, the team travels to different schools for Academic Team Competitions or Brain Brawls. Brain brawls are a great way to get to know cadets on the team better as well to meet cadets from other NJROTC units. At Brain Brawls, each member of the Academic Team sits before a buzzer while an instructor from the host school reads aloud, miscellaneous trivia questions pertaining to the NJROTC curriculum. If you want to participate in a team for NJROTC but do not like participating in Athletics or do not have the time to attend all the practices for Drill Team (they are rigorous), we highly encourage you to join the Academic Team. By joining this team, you can take home textbooks and practice for Brain Brawls on your own time.